Band Bible Study day 4


The body of Christ READ: Romans 12: 9-21 Being His body in the World In the past few days we have looked at what it means to be ‘in Christ’, how we can maintain unity in the body, celebrate diversity, use our spiritual gifts to glorify God and build up the body of Christ. Today […]


Band Bible Study Day 3


Monday 30th May The body of Christ READ: Ephesians 4: 7, 11-16 Unity in Diversity   In worship at Zurich Central yesterday we spoke about the diversity of the body. All different parts and yet one body. Diversity is the rich essence of the church, we are all part of his church and yet so […]


Birmingham Citadel Band Bible Study Day 2


Here is the Bible Study the Band will be looking at today. You are welcome to follow each day and study with us. Sunday 29th May The body of Christ READ: Ephesians 4:1-6 Unity in the body One of the challenges of living a life in Christ is that we are immediately joined with other […]


Birmingham Citadel Band in Switzerland -Bible Study Day 1


Bible Studies The body of Christ is the theme of our daily Bible studies for the Swiss Tour and comes from the inspiration of the music Corpus Christi which means the body of Christ. This piece of music is one of the major works we will play during the tour. In the next few days […]


4 new Soldiers, 500 litres of water and a Gospel Illusionist


How can a Sunday at church be any more varied or exciting.   Welcoming 4 new members in to our church family on Sunday morning was a memorable occasion as it is whenever we welcome new Soldiers in to The Salvation Army. They  spoke to a packed hall (extra chairs were needed) and each shared […]


An inspiring weekend with Bill Himes


We were so pleased to welcome William Himes for the weekend. Bill was immediately thrown in at the deep end after landing in the UK with a band rehearsal, then a full day rehearsing with school bands in Stafford and a concert in the evening.  On Saturday he joined with Derick Kane (ISB) and Stephen […]


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