The Birmingham Citadel Songsters – or choir – is a group of nearly 50 people who sing a range of musical styles to spread the Christian message.

They support the Worship in the Services at The Citadel each week with a song that brings blessing and inspiration to many who listen.

The group regularly visits other Salvation Army centres across the UK and has been on several international tours. The most recent visit was to Wellingborough Salvation Army in November 2022. You will find a few videos from Wellingborough on the Yourtube channel.

The Songsters Facebook page can be found here and the YouTube channel is here

After 17 successful years as leader, Lesley Nicholson has stepped down from this position in 2022. Her successor is Stephanie Lamplough who works for The Salvation Army Music and Creative Arts team. Stephanie is supported by her team – Lucy Ridley, Edwina Hayward, Caroline Burnham, Emma Pearson Gill Heeley and team of assistants.


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