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Birmingham Citadel is a place where everyone can belong.

Our congregation is made up of people from a diverse range of backgrounds, age and experience. Whilst many are Salvation Army members this is not a requirement for people to become involved in our activities.

Those who wear uniform are known as soldiers. Whilst wearing a Salvation Army uniform is not an expectation, for many, it is an outward sign of their commitment to God and the beliefs, teachings and practices of the Army. Those who wish to become soldiers undertake a series of classes to explore their understanding of Salvation Army belief and teaching and how it can be applied to their individual lives.

Adherent membership allows anyone who accepts the teachings of Jesus to be formally linked with the Army without wearing a uniform.


If you would like to become involved with any community programme in which The Salvation Army is currently engaged, please contact us to register your interest via or by completing the form below.



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