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The latest podcasts have been released on our podcast platform This week features a new episode for teenagers and the Sunday Sermon from Major Adrian Allman. You can listen to all of our previous podcasts from this link too


Using the Hall during Coronavirus

Welcome to the Birmingham Citadel Corps website.
The Salvation Army in the heart of Birmingham!

Coronavirus update Sunday 27 September 2020

We have added new information to our COVID-19 updates page. We will be learning and evolving our ministry as we trial this new form of worship. Please continue to stay alert, stay safe and practice good hygiene.

GivT – a new way to support your Church financially. Scan this picture using your smartphone camera.


We have created a video about GivT, which launches a new way to continue to financially support Birmingham Citadel Salvation Army in the absence of physical plate collections and offerings that take place during our meetings each Sunday. The video is a step by step guide for anyone who is not sure how to get started with the GivT app on a smartphone. If you would like more information, or to set up a regular standing order please contact us at

Video step by step guide to online giving using GivT

Use your smartphone camera to scan give directly Birmingham Citadel. 

Our facebook page is updated daily with a bible reading, thought for the day or music video, please keep watching.

The link to all our our daily devotion videos are here (Birmingham Citadel YouTube Page) if you subscribe then you will always see the latest videos we have added.

The Call to Worship is now available on Facebook and Youtube

Call to Worship Sunday 27 September 2020

We hope you will listen to our weekly podcast, which is available now here 

Sunday 27 September 2020 Sermon podcast

and also on your preferred podcast platform.


Visitors and worshippers are advised that Photography, CCTV, audio and video recording takes place in this building at any time. By entering this area you consent to such media and its release, publication, exhibition, broadcast or reproduction for informational or promotional purposes by The Salvation Army Birmingham Citadel and The Salvation Army United Kingdom and Ireland Territory. Please speak to someone if you have any concerns.

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