General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle visit Birmingham Citadel


It was a delight and privilege to welcome General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle accompanied by Major David Williamson to Birmingham Citadel in the United Kingdom and Ireland Territory. They were special guests at a Territorial Event, Symphony Sounds, which took place in the City the day before.  The congregation arrived early and the […]


It was a delight and privilege to welcome General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle accompanied by Major David Williamson to Birmingham Citadel in the United Kingdom and Ireland Territory. They were special guests at a Territorial Event, Symphony Sounds, which took place in the City the day before. 

The congregation arrived early and the Hall filled quickly as visitors from other Corps who had stayed in Birmingham overnight came to hear the General preach. More seats were brought in from other rooms to accommodate those who were still arriving. The Young People’s Band prepared the congregation for Worship with a selection of music before the meeting.

Major Adrian Allman and Captain Clare Allman led the meeting and to reflect the diverse, multi-cultural nature of the City and the Corps, prayers were made in different languages by members of the Corps. Major David Williamson involved the younger members of the Corps in a children’s spot. The host Corps Singing Company, Senior Band and Songsters contributed beautifully to the worship with well-chosen musical items. Commissioner Rosalie and General Brian Peddle spoke clearly and directly to the congregation with insightful and inspiring messages.

After The General’s message he led an appeal where it was clear the Holy Spirit was moving through the room. Many people came forward to pray at the Mercy Seat and it was possible to hear the murmurs of prayers being uttered up to God above the singing of prayer choruses. More people continued to come forward to seek, young people brought their friends to pray, parents led their children forward to pray too and when the Mercy Seat was full, people were counselled where they sat in the congregation. Commissioner Rosalie was one of those counselling at the Mercy Seat. Many in the congregation were in tears as they sang and prayed where they sat, deeply moved by the Holy Spirit and by the General’s words.

At the end of the meeting Major Allman thanked The General and Commissioner for their visit and offered them gifts which linked Birmingham to Canada, the General’s home Nation. Cadbury’s chocolate which is made a few miles from the Hall and coffee from Tim Hortons, a Canadian restaurant chain who have recently opened a cafe in the City Centre. Both gifts were greatly appreciated from the response of our guests. 

The General and Commissioner were extremely friendly and spent as much time as they could before and after the meeting moving around the congregation shaking hands and speaking to everyone individually.

The regular Corps Outdoor Service in the City Centre which usually takes place after coffee fellowship had to finish early due to heavy rain, the March back to the Hall also had to finish early due to the weather but the Dance Group performed and  Timbrels still managed to play before the rain became too heavy.

We hope and pray that they will have gained some blessing and encouragement from their visit as we have received a huge blessing from The General and Commissioner during their time with us.


you can see more photos on our facebook page here

We are pleased to announce that The General and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (WPWM) will be leading Sunday Worship on 2nd June at 10.30am. Pre meeting music will begin at 10:15am to help settle everyone ready for worship with the General.

The General and Commissioner will also join us for our Outdoor Meeting at 12.45pm in the City Centre.

This visit will follow their attendance at Symphony Sounds on Saturday 1st June in Birmingham.

Any visitors to Birmingham for Symphony Sounds will be welcome to join us on Sunday 2nd June at 10.30am and 12.45pm.

Jess Seabridge was enrolled today by Captain Clare Allman as an Adherent Member of Birmingham Citadel Salvation Army. Jess has been worshipping with us for nearly two years after her family moved in to the Birmingham area. She has decided that now is the right time to make this public commitment both to God and to formally make Birmingham Citadel her church.

Becoming an Adherent means that you wish to

  • Respond to God s purpose in your life.
  • Enjoy fellowship and worship.
  • Find fulfilment in serving others in the name of Jesus Christ
  • Identify that The Salvation Army is your place of worship

Here is Jess receiving her certificate from Corps Officer Captain Clare Allman.

We’ve had a fantastic Easter 2019. The weather has been amazing and we had plenty of opportunities for mission and worship.

On Good Friday Major Allman brought us to the Cross during Morning Worship. Following the meeting we moved in to the City Centre to remind shoppers about Good Friday, handing out Hot Cross Buns and Bible verses. 

The Band, Songsters, and Dance Groups attracted the crowds so that we could speak to people and distrbute Easter literature. The Band led the March back to the Hall allowing us to witness to more people as they watched and recorded us on camera phones.

On Easter Sunday, the meeting celebrated the fact that Jesus is Risen indeed. A joyful Service led by Captain Clare Allman. After the meeting the Band visited Birmingham Children’s Hospital to play well known tunes to the patients, their parents and the dedicated staff who look after them. There is a video of the visit here

On Easter Monday members of the Corps met for Breakfast Baps and a walk through the woods in The Clent Hills south of Birmingham.

You can see all our photos from the weekend here and some video clips video clips here

On Easter Tuesday evening the Band visited the Adult Music Course run by The Salvation Army Music and Creative Arts Team.

Head over to the Band’s Facebook page to see some highlights from the evening.




Dear Friends,

The weather forecasters are telling us that this Easter weekend we are going to be blessed by good weather in Birmingham. It is going to be so pleasant that the UK will be warmer than Spain or Greece. That’s what we like to hear! So, put away those winter clothes and instead get out those summer garments. At this time of year, I always feel that putting away the warmer jumpers and replacing them with colourful summer style shirts and short trousers is joyful enough, but imagine the added bonus of putting your hand in the pocket of your three-quarter length summer trousers to find a £10 note in there! I remember that is exactly what happened to my wife, Clare, a few years back. As we were getting into the car, she put her hand in her pocket and in there was a £10 note. Our instant reaction was the same – “How did that get in there?” It would be nice to think that we’ve got special clothes that simply ‘make’ money when left alone for long enough. Alas, that’s the stuff of fairy tales and there is a more simple answer: the note was unintentionally left in the pocket at the end of the previous summer. How it was left there does not matter, it did not detract from the surprise at finding it.

Thinking about it, our reaction to finding the £10 pound note is not as stupid as it first seems. Of course, we knew how it got there. We did not need to ask ourselves. The question was in a sense a natural reaction of surprise at discovering something that was unexpected. That first Easter Day was one of unexpected happenings and added bonuses! It should not have been, but it was. After seeing Jesus crucified and killed three days earlier, the women went to the tomb in which Jesus had been buried only to find it empty. They were not expecting that. Then a dazzling figure appears telling them Jesus was alive – they were not expecting such a sight either. Jesus … alive? Really? And then He appears … risen, living, and standing there talking to them! Wow! How did He get there? The women went to the tomb expecting to embalm a dead man and to their total surprise they came away dancing and rejoicing having witnessed first-hand the living Christ resurrected from the dead. Now that’s what a call a bonus!

Carl Knudsen writes, “The story of Easter is the story of God’s wonderful window of divine surprise”

For the majority of people who walk the pathway of faith it begins with an unexpected spiritual experience of God. For many this is not planned, the experience is a response to God making himself known in a way that is beyond imagination and reason. This Easter time, let the risen Christ surprise us each. May He come to us in ways we are simply not expecting and may we rejoice in knowing for ourselves that He is alive!

Happy Easter to you all. Christ is risen!

Every blessing,

Major Adrian Allman

Have you caught up on the back catalogue of audio sermons?

You have the option to listen to them through our website pages here, or through our new podcast series


Obviously we would prefer you to hear our sermons in person as part of our worship but if you can’t then this is a way to keep up with our teaching series.


On Sunday we were pleased to commission Oscar as the newest member of our Singing Company (Junior Choir) and Matthew Frost was appointed as an Assistant Young People’s Band Leader. He joins the team led by YP Band Leader Rob Hayward and Assistant Callum White. Oscar and Matthew are pictured here with Corps Officer Major Adrian Allman.

Once again we are extremely grateful to Whittaker Fleet Care who, along with The Masterserve Foundation have made a substantial donation to the work of The Salvation Army in Birmingham.
Pictured here is Major Adrian Allman with David Whittaker and Timothy Guidotti of Ferdotti Motor Services Ltd.


On Sunday 10th March our 3pm meeting started with a banquet of food from around the World before we were treated to a short African style Salvation Army meeting, listened to one of our Junior members talk about her school trip to Tanzania and also had a Skye call to the Salvation Army in Bangladesh.

you can see photos and video of the afternoon here

On Sunday 3rd March we witnessed the enrolment of THREE new Junior Soldiers (junior members of the Church). Each of these precious children has made their own decision to follow Jesus and this is their public declaration of that decision.

Mufaro, Junior and Jacob (left to right) were all very excited to be wearing their Junior Soldier uniform and after they signed their Junior Soldier Promise certificate they all stood in front of the congregation and gave their testimony giving their reasons for becoming a Junior Soldier.

They were enrolled by Corps Officer Caption Clare Allman, also pictured is Junior Soldier Sergeant Ruth Taylor(right) and Edward Dixon(left).

photo by Graham Daff

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