Our next 3pm Sunday Meeting on 21st October


Once a month we have a meeting at 3pm on Sunday, and each one is unique and worth being a part of. This meeting will feature all of our Music and Dance Groups, so if you want to spend your Sunday afternoon at a FREE meeting which contains high quality music groups providing music. There […]


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Welcome to the Birmingham Citadel Corps website,
The Salvation Army in the heart of Birmingham!

This Sunday we have our morning meeting at 10.30am let by Divsional Mission Enablers Majors Jenny and Steve Forman and then our monthly 3pm meeting. See the poster for details.

The 5pm meeting has now been replaced with a 3pm meeting once a month. Click the link to the right to see when these monthly meetings take place. 

We invite you join us in worship every Sunday.

Birmingham Citadel is part of the Christian Church and has a gathered, diverse & multi-generational city centre congregation. We believe in building values that teach what it means to be a Christian and how the teaching of the Bible can be lived out in our daily lives. We have a strong musical heritage and are committed to sharing the good news of Jesus in relevant and contemporary ways.

You are most welcome to join with us every Sunday.


Visitors are advised that photography, audio and video recording takes place in this building. By entering this building you consent to such media and its release, publication, exhibition, broadcast or reproduction for informational or promotional purposes by The Salvation Army.  Please speak to us if you have any concerns about this policy.

You can read more about Privacy here

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