COVID – 19


On Sunday 2 August 2020, we will re-open our hall for Sunday Worship and details can be found on this page.

It will not be like our last meeting in March. Initially, for the month of August we will open for personal prayer and meditation only, including the Bible address podcast. This will be the first step in our phased re- opening and we will have to be guided by the government and THQ as to how each step will progress.

The last few months could easily make us think we are at the end of something – a sad time. Is it the end or is it the beginning of something else? I’d like to think it’s the latter. It’s a time for us to focus on fundamentals; a moment of opportunity in an otherwise dreadful moment for humanity. A time to think about new ways, new methods of bringing hope to our neighbours that makes goodness, godliness, attractive. As we re-open next week, let’s open our mind to what’s important to us as disciples; let’s think of the opportunities a new normal may present and see the new thing God is doing in the neighbourhood!

Sunday Opening of the Hall 2nd August 2020

This last week DHQ approved the risk assessment and plans that were submitted to re-open the hall for public worship. From 2 August 2020, the hall will open for the summer weeks for private prayer and meditation only. It will be a 45 minute act of worship, beginning at the usual meeting time of 10:30 am and will include the weekly bible address podcast over the audio system. If you are wanting to use the hall for private prayer, you are required to stay for the 45 minute time of worship – it will not be possible to ‘come and go’ during this time. A worship sheet will be available to help your prayers and thoughts. There will be no singing, speaking or live music, though recorded music of our sections will play in the background to aid worship. This format will be reviewed in September and we will respond to the advice from government and THQ that will be available then.

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