Livestream comes to Birmingham Citadel from 29 November 2020


Our new streaming service goes live from 29 November. The meeting will be shown LIVE on the stream from 10:15am each Sunday and a short while after the meeting finishes it will then be available to watch back on a permanent basis. The link for the new Livestream is you can also watch the […]


Christmas display at Birmingham Citadel


Our display window at the front of the Building has been transformed in to a stark Manger scene, originally built and created by Bill Vincent in 2019, Roy Richley has reconstructed the display today so that anyone walking past or driving on the A38 Northbound on St Chads Queensway will be able to see the […]


Songsters visit to Wellingborough Salvation Army


Due to Covid-19 our Songsters (Senior Choir) have been unable to fulfil their visit to Wellingborough Salvation Army for the weekend 21/22 November 2020. This is a huge disappointment to the members of the group and to the Corps at Wellingborough. In the absence of being able to meet together the Songsters from Birmingham Citadel […]


2020 Christmas Toy Appeal


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” says the well known Christmas song and yet for many who are struggling to ‘make ends meet’ this is not the case. This year, our work during the Christmas season will be as busy as ever despite the circumstances we all find ourselves in and we will continue […]


Christmas with the Salvation Army - click here for more details ›