Mission & Values

Birmingham Salvation Army is: a diverse and multigenerational church located in St Chads, Queensway with a desire to build strong Christian values. We have a rich musical heritage and are committed to sharing the good news of Jesus in relevant and contemporary ways.

Our Mission Statement:

Transformed Lives Transforming Lives

Birmingham Citadel Salvation Army exists to:

  • To praise and acknowledge God in our worship, work and witness
  • To bring people of all ages into a personal relationship with Jesus and to be committed members of His Church
  • To nurture and care for all who make up our Christian family
  • To demonstrate to everyone by our words and actions the love of God as shown in Jesus

Core Values upon which the mission of Birmingham Citadel Salvation Army is built

1. Encouraging biblical lifestyles
2. Energising prayer at the centre of all we do
3. Empowering discipleship
4. Exuding authenticity both personally & corporately
5. Embracing inclusivity and pastoral concern for one another
6. Effective soul saving mission and outreach
7. Enabling every member in ministry
8. Engaging with the poor and marginalised

Birmingham Citadel Salvation Army has five key priorities:

Discipleship – to learn how to be effective followers of Jesus
Fellowship – to encourage how to serve each other within the church
Ministry – to use our talents God has given us to show the love of God within the church
Mission –  to show the people of Birmingham the love of God in action
Worship –  to bring the church family together each week for Christian Worship

Vision & Task – October 2015

The Salvation Army United Kingdom Territorial Mission Statement:

The Salvation Army United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland exists to save souls, grow saints, and serve suffering humanity. To demonstrate to everyone by our words and actions the love of God as shown in Jesus

Territorial Vision Statement:

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we will be a Spirit-filled, radical growing movement with a burning desire to lead people into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, actively serve the community, and fight for social justice.

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