News and Highlights

A Night at The Musicals 1st June 2024

Featuring our own Singing Company and guest soloists Charlotte Bevins and Josie Lamplough, the programme contained a mix of West End songs and music from Salvation Army Musicals, some of which were written by Gowans and Larsson.With a large congregation, including a large number of people who don’t normally attend Birmingham Citadel, the atmosphere was […]


Six New Senior Soldiers enrolled

On Sunday 12 May 2024 we were so excited and privileged to see SIX new Senior Soldiers enrolled during our meeting. Being a Senior Soldier means we have accepted Jesus as our Saviour and Friend, agree with the doctrines of The Salvation Army (the principles and beliefs) and want to make a public statement through […]


Easter 2024

Our Easter week activities are listed here, we hope you want to be part of our Easter 2024


Dedication of Maria 19 November 2023

During a beautiful Dedication ceremony the latest of our “lockdown babies” was officially welcomed in to our church family. Maria was presented by her parents, Tatenda and Shamiso, to Corps Officer Captain Clare Allman, who introduced her to the congregation and challenged her parents and Godmother Fungasai, to bring Maria up in the way of […]


Remembrance Sunday 2023

Our Band has always been invited to take part in the City of Birmingham Remembrance Sunday Parade, and for many years, as the Second City in the Uk, there has always been a Military Band present. In 2022 and again this year, our Band has taken responsibility for all the music provided during the ceremony. […]


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