A Night at The Musicals 1st June 2024


Featuring our own Singing Company and guest soloists Charlotte Bevins and Josie Lamplough, the programme contained a mix of West End songs and music from Salvation Army Musicals, some of which were written by Gowans and Larsson.With a large congregation, including a large number of people who don’t normally attend Birmingham Citadel, the atmosphere was […]


Featuring our own Singing Company and guest soloists Charlotte Bevins and Josie Lamplough, the programme contained a mix of West End songs and music from Salvation Army Musicals, some of which were written by Gowans and Larsson.With a large congregation, including a large number of people who don’t normally attend Birmingham Citadel, the atmosphere was one of fun and praise. Individual items from members of the Songsters were also part of the programme.This was a very successful evening with over 70 performers who are all part of our chuch here in Birmingham Citadel.

On Sunday 12 May 2024 we were so excited and privileged to see SIX new Senior Soldiers enrolled during our meeting. Being a Senior Soldier means we have accepted Jesus as our Saviour and Friend, agree with the doctrines of The Salvation Army (the principles and beliefs) and want to make a public statement through the enrolment ceremony, wearing a Salvation Army uniform and showing the love of Jesus through our every day lives.

L- R Jess, Ellen, Rosalie, Major Adrian Allman, Chand, Vanessa, Queen and Membership Secretary Helen Mynott

After an introduction from the Membership Secretary Helen Mynott, Major Adrian Allman conducted the enrolments, asking them to make their public declarations to become a Soldier, after Captain Clare Allman had read The Doctrines of The Salvation Army. They all moved to the Penitent Form Place of Prayer(Mercy Seat) with a prayer partner each to sign their commitment in prayer with their partner.

Major Allman then invited each new Soldier to give a short testimony telling their in their own words. Needless to say listening to six testimonies took some time, but it was both uplifting and emotional at the same time. Each of the Soldiers spoke of their desire to serve God, and show His Love to others in the way they live, but every one of them also spoke about the love and support they have received from members of Birmingham Citadel to help them become part of the family, the practical, emotional and spiritual support they have felt, and the special person or people who have been the driving influence helping them within our church family. There was laughter and tears of joy and remembrance of those who have gone before to be with our Lord.


The meeting plan was thrown out and so the sermon was postponed until another week as we were all so blessed and inspired by what we had heard and seen.

Please welcome our newest Soldiers of Birmingham Citadel Salvation Army.

Our Easter week activities are listed here, we hope you want to be part of our Easter 2024

During a beautiful Dedication ceremony the latest of our “lockdown babies” was officially welcomed in to our church family.

Maria was presented by her parents, Tatenda and Shamiso, to Corps Officer Captain Clare Allman, who introduced her to the congregation and challenged her parents and Godmother Fungasai, to bring Maria up in the way of the Lord and to keep her safe from harmful influences. Fungasai prayed for Maria and her family and also charged the congregation to look after Maria.

Following the ceremony our Cradle Roll Sergeant presented certificate for Maria and then the African Praise Choir sang to celebrate Maria. Then after the meeting, we shared tea and coffee and cakes in celebration.

Maria with Captain Clare
Godmother Fungasai
Cradle Roll Certificate

Our Band has always been invited to take part in the City of Birmingham Remembrance Sunday Parade, and for many years, as the Second City in the Uk, there has always been a Military Band present. In 2022 and again this year, our Band has taken responsibility for all the music provided during the ceremony.

The following pieces were used…Under Two Flags, Cairo Red Shield, The Red Shield, Be Still for the Presence of the Lord, Ave Verum, Lloyd, Make Me a Channel of your Peace, Amazing Grace and Nimrod. The Band also accompanied the singing of “O God Our Help in Ages Past”, played the National Anthem and Principal Cornet Matthew Frost ably played the Last Post in the absence of a military bugler.

Our Junior Soldier Sergeant Ruth Taylor has completed over 11 years in this role, which is to help our younger children understand who God and Jesus are, and then let them find out for themselves if they want Jesus to be their friend and Saviour.

Ruth has decided now is the time to step down from this key role and in the last 11 years a large number of children have become young Christians helped and guided by Ruth, including these three children who have recently been enrolled as Junior Soldiers. The first children Ruth worked with have just moved away from Birmingham to start their University studies!!

Ruth’s loving and caring nature has endeared her to the children and she will be missed by those in the Sunday School. Ruth – Thank you for all you have done for our young people.

L-R Junior Soldier Sergeant Ruth Taylor, Amelia, Chloe, Alex Major Adrian Allman. Flag bearer Edward Dixon

On Sunday 17th September 2023 we welcomed our three newest Junior Soldiers(members).

Alex, Chloe and Emelia all decided to give their heart to Jesus and wanted to show publicly that they are Christians and their church is The Salvation Army.

L-R Junior Soldier Sergeant Ruth Taylor, Emelia, Chloe, Alex Major Adrian Allman. Flag bearer Edward Dixon

When our children become a Junior Soldier they learn about how to be a Christian through teaching and the Junior Soldier’s Promise which is as follows “

I know that Jesus is my Saviour from sin,
I have asked Him to forgive my sins,
and I will trust Him to keep me good.

By His help, I will be His loving and obedient child,
and will help others to follow Him.

I promise to pray, to read my Bible and, 
by His help, to lead a life that is clean in thought, word and deed.
I will not use anything that may injure my
body Or my mind, including harmful drugs,
alcohol & tobacco.

Major Adrian Allman (Corps Officer) guided them through the ceremony and then they knelt at the Mercy Seat (Place of Prayer), signed a copy of their Promise and were prayed over by an adult helper from Sunday School.

After this they each gave a testimony to explain why they wanted to be a Junior Soldier. Alex said God has given him a great life and he will always be grateful to God for his wonderful family, friends and neighbours. Emelia wanted to praise God and show him how much she appreciates everything He has done for her. Chloe wants to listen to and follow God’s guidance as it tells us to in the Bible.

Please welcome these wonderful children as they take this step in their faith journey

Photographer – Graham Daff

For many years now our Band has had the privilege of presenting a 60 minute programme from their current repertoire in the foyer area of Birmingham’s magnificent Symphony Hall. This year the band started at 8:50am and as the programme progressed more and more people who were arriving to watch the contest joined the growing audience. By the final few pieces there were several hundred people watching.

The Band take this engagement very seriously each year due to the number of Brass Band enthusiasts present, many of whom have Salvation Army connections and we always pray that our ministry will interest to explore their Faith and service.

Neil Blessett – Tenor Horn Soloist

It was such a pleasure to witness the Dedication ceremony of Aureila, daughter of Matthew and our Children’s Ministry leader Talitha.

Many of Aurelia’s family and friends of the family travelled from across the UK to be there to see Aurelia be officially welcomed to our Church family and for her parents to dedicate her life to God. We also acknowledged the presence of her Godparents and wider church family who will nurture and guide as she grows.

We are so pleased to celebrate Nathaniel being enrolled as a Senior Soldier. Nat has been attending church all his life and when he moved to Birmingham to study he was invited to worship at Birmingham Citadel. During his time in Birmingham Nat has felt welcome and at home within our fellowship, but it was while he was attending Territorial Music School in 2022 that he really felt presence of God in his life and he soon made a decision to become a member of The Salvation Army as a Senior Soldier at Birmingham Citadel.

In front many of his family and friends from his home church, Silverdale Methodist Church in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Nat was enrolled by Major Adrian Allman, signed his Soldier’s Covenant and testified that he really felt Soldiership was the next step in his Christian journey.

Nathaniel (left) holding his Soldier’s Covenant with Major Adrian Allman

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