4 new Soldiers, 500 litres of water and a Gospel Illusionist


How can a Sunday at church be any more varied or exciting.


Welcoming 4 new members in to our church family on Sunday morning was a memorable occasion as it is whenever we welcome new Soldiers in to The Salvation Army. They  spoke to a packed hall (extra chairs were needed) and each shared a passage of scripture and told those present about their faith in God and their journey into Soldiership.

During the afternoon 1000 bottles of water handed out in the city centre this afternoon as part of I’ll Fight Day. A great afternoon full of conversations. We pray that the simple encounters made will have a positive impact on individual lives. 
Sunday @5 was led brilliantly by Illusionist Steve Price. The evening was full of the Gospel message and laughter, the best way to celebrate Pentecostal Sunday. We hope that you will continue to respond to the Holy Spirit and that as a result you will feel equipped, strengthened and protected in the week ahead.


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