Sunday 12th June at The Citadel


Rhiannon Taylor-7614-8 Rhiannon Taylor-7627-15 Rhiannon Taylor-7634-21The morning of Sunday 12th June was very much a family affair as a new baby member of the Taylor family was welcomed in to our church family as her parents dedicated her life back to God in Thanks.
In front of lots of family from all over the UK and a packed congregation (extra chairs needed yet again) David and Delyth presented their new baby girl to the congregation.

After the meeting the family offered everyone a cake along with a tea or coffee.

This was Steve and Mandy’s last dedication at Birmingham Citadel and Mandy mentioned that in the 5 years they have been the Commanding Officers no baby has cried during the ceremony. This record was upheld today.

The Young people and their leaders stayed for lunch and had their own Queen’s Birthday picnic (inside due to the rain and logistics), then they had some rehearsal time singing and playing in preparation for their visit to Batley in 2 weeks time.

Rhiannon Taylor-7669-27 Rhiannon Taylor-7666-26

During the afternoon meeting the Timbrels kicked off a traditional Praise meeting with contributions from the Band, Songsters and YP Band. We also heard from Marcus Daff who was a member 20 years ago as a youngster before he moved to New Zealand, he spoke about his family’s experience of 2 years on Missionary work in Papua New Guinea and how they really put their trust in God. It was a great pleasure to see what a difference young people from our Church are making around the world.

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