General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle visit Birmingham Citadel


It was a delight and privilege to welcome General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle accompanied by Major David Williamson to Birmingham Citadel in the United Kingdom and Ireland Territory. They were special guests at a Territorial Event, Symphony Sounds, which took place in the City the day before. 

The congregation arrived early and the Hall filled quickly as visitors from other Corps who had stayed in Birmingham overnight came to hear the General preach. More seats were brought in from other rooms to accommodate those who were still arriving. The Young People’s Band prepared the congregation for Worship with a selection of music before the meeting.

Major Adrian Allman and Captain Clare Allman led the meeting and to reflect the diverse, multi-cultural nature of the City and the Corps, prayers were made in different languages by members of the Corps. Major David Williamson involved the younger members of the Corps in a children’s spot. The host Corps Singing Company, Senior Band and Songsters contributed beautifully to the worship with well-chosen musical items. Commissioner Rosalie and General Brian Peddle spoke clearly and directly to the congregation with insightful and inspiring messages.

After The General’s message he led an appeal where it was clear the Holy Spirit was moving through the room. Many people came forward to pray at the Mercy Seat and it was possible to hear the murmurs of prayers being uttered up to God above the singing of prayer choruses. More people continued to come forward to seek, young people brought their friends to pray, parents led their children forward to pray too and when the Mercy Seat was full, people were counselled where they sat in the congregation. Commissioner Rosalie was one of those counselling at the Mercy Seat. Many in the congregation were in tears as they sang and prayed where they sat, deeply moved by the Holy Spirit and by the General’s words.

At the end of the meeting Major Allman thanked The General and Commissioner for their visit and offered them gifts which linked Birmingham to Canada, the General’s home Nation. Cadbury’s chocolate which is made a few miles from the Hall and coffee from Tim Hortons, a Canadian restaurant chain who have recently opened a cafe in the City Centre. Both gifts were greatly appreciated from the response of our guests. 

The General and Commissioner were extremely friendly and spent as much time as they could before and after the meeting moving around the congregation shaking hands and speaking to everyone individually.

The regular Corps Outdoor Service in the City Centre which usually takes place after coffee fellowship had to finish early due to heavy rain, the March back to the Hall also had to finish early due to the weather but the Dance Group performed and  Timbrels still managed to play before the rain became too heavy.

We hope and pray that they will have gained some blessing and encouragement from their visit as we have received a huge blessing from The General and Commissioner during their time with us.


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