Citadel’s Got Talent 8 April 2022


The Kenya Trust has raised thousands of pounds to support the work of The Salvation Army in Kenya, mostly for music projects. Recently they have been involved with providing educational facilities for Salvation Army schools in East Kenya.

Patricia Owen is a Trustee (as is Gaynor Sharman). She organised Citadel’s Got Talent by encouraging our younger members of the church to showcase their Talents. As well as musical items the young people also cooked, and created arts and crafts.
Over 120 people came along to watch and look at the talented artists and live items presented featured Brass instruments, string instruments and the voice. There was drama and dance too. Each item was applauded and cheered but each one of the young people taking part deserved that applause. Each person taking part recorded a short video to introduce themselves. The Young People’s Band and SInging Company started and closed the evening.

The evening was broadcast live on our live stream channel.

So far over £1,000 has been raised to fund two new classrooms and a toilet block for a school in Kenya and if you would like to donate please visit and find the donate button.

You can see all the photos from the evening on our facebook page

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